Frank Chiappeirno

Frank Chiapperino is Senior Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church, a bible-based, culturally relevant church, near Tampa, Florida. He is passionate about helping people deepen their connection to God, discover timeless truths from the Bible, and helping leaders reach their full potential. Frank graduated from University of Valley Forge with a focus in Pastoral Ministry and Counseling. He has served in various leadership roles in churches around the country since 1994. Some of those roles included student ministry, young adults, small groups, adult ministries, preaching, and teaching. After serving in the United States Air Force Frank joined the church planting team for Christ's Church of the Valley in the suberbs of Philadelphia and spent almost 10 years there in service. Frank has written for and He also worked with Brian Jones to write the study guide for Brian's book, Getting Rid of the Gorilla. Frank and his wife, Shelli, have two children