AD – Episode 6

Posted on 11. May, 2015 by .


The episode this week revolved around Saul (Paul) and his leadership in the persecution of the early church. This man has made such a significant contribution to Christianity. So much so that it is hard to believe that he was such a destructive force as the church was getting started. The writers of the show […]

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AD Episode 5

Posted on 04. May, 2015 by .


This week was another great episode. There were a number of powerful scenes but I was very pleased the producers spent some time showing us what the second half of Acts chapter 5 might have looked like. This was when the apostles were once again imprisoned, find themselves freed by an angel, and defended by […]

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AD – Episode 4

Posted on 27. Apr, 2015 by .


This was the most rapidly paced episode in the show thus far. I was talking to a member of our staff (Harold) about the show being a great visual representation of how much is packed into each chapter of the book of Acts. We were introduced to Barnabas,  saw Ananias and Sapphira judged by God, […]

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AD – Episode 3

Posted on 20. Apr, 2015 by .


We are on our third episode now, and we got to see the very beginning of the church as the episode brought to life… the Day of Pentecost. If you missed my thoughts on the previous to episodes you can find them here: Episode 1 Episode 2 This week the show continued to revolve around […]

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AD – Episode 2

Posted on 13. Apr, 2015 by .


AD The Bible Continues aired its first episode on Easter Sunday and was the most watched show on TV. If you missed this week NBC is playing the latest episode and a recap up to this point on their website, check it out here: Lots of Christians are talking about how white Jesus was, or […]

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AD – Episode 1

Posted on 06. Apr, 2015 by .


The first episode of AD – The Bible Continues took us back in time to experience the death and resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of a handful of Biblical characters. Let me start by saying, I really liked the show. Both the acting and the production quality were excellent. We witnessed the anger of […]

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